What Caused the Black Death?

The Black Death was a deadly plague that came to England between 1347 and 1351. The plague came from central and eastern Asia. The traders brought rats that were infected with the disease to Europe. Fleas spread the disease from person to person. Their were several different plagues in the Black Death. One of these is the bubonic plague. Some of the plagues could kill a person in one day.
The Effects of The Black Death
The Black Death killed A LOT of people. It is estimated that it killed millions of people. England lost about 1/3 of its population from the disease. Their were 1000 villages that were abandoned in England. The manor system fell because of the Black Death.
How it Led to End of Feudalism
I think that the Black Death really helped lead to the End of Feudalism. I think this because many, many, many people died during this period of time, so mostly people who were at the bottom of the social structure, peasants, were dying. Nobles and others that were higher on the social structure needed these people, but they were dying.